Spring planning 2019

After the snow dump at the end of February lasting for the next few weeks we are starting to see temps rise and ice melt away.

Some plans I’m looking forward to is finally getting back out to the trails, this time with the new pup.

Beacon Rock State Park – Hamilton Mountain

Beacon Rock State Park – Hamilton Mountain


“This hike is full of the best things the Columbia Gorge has to offer: easy access and parking, well-maintained trail, wildflowers galore, two waterfalls, and views to knock off your sweaty socks. It’s a long journey at about 7.5 miles, and steep in places, but nothing a healthy dog, child or senior citizen can’t do. You’ll meet all of these smiling folks on this hike during the peak seasons.”

Anne Boyd

Coyote Wall – The Labyrinth Loop

Coyote Wall – The Labyrinth Loop


“This year-round hike offers great views of the Columbia River Gorge along with enchanting stands of oak, cascading waterfalls, dramatic basalt outcroppings, and profuse wildflowers in the spring. Often sunny here while raining in Vancouver, it is a great place to hike while waiting for snow to melt at higher elevations.”

Patricia Coulthard

Steamboat Rock

Steamboat Rock


“Jutting 800 feet out of Banks Lake in Washington’s majestic coulee country, Steamboat Rock is the crown jewel of this area. The basalt butte has a rich history; first used by native people many years ago, and during the ice age, the Great Missoula Floods carved the canyons here, while the rock stood as an island in the raging river. Now, Steamboat Rock lies high and dry, offering excellent 360-degree panoramas of the landscape surrounding it.”

Anna Roth

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