Spire of Stars Raid completed!

We were a rag tag group of random players, but through
determination and ambition we were able to finally get through the whole raid.

The first part was pretty easy going, toss the balls to each player on a plate then when the center shield was down throw the charged ball into it. Do it again two more times and we were finished, too easy. Next up was walking a charged ball through the big open fan blade maze. Had to toss the ball in three spaced out chambers while parkouring through the various fan blades. The next two encounter were the trickiest mainly because timing had to be on point and all members had a critical role that needed to be executed correctly every time. First part of the the last encounter involved having two group situated on the left and right side. From there it went pretty much as described by Sam Chandler:

  1. Clear starting enemies
  2. Stand on all four platforms to activate the central lift
  3. One player with the Superior Retainer buff goes into space and calls out symbol (square, circle, triangle)
  4. Other players stand on the three buttons to open the doors
  5. One player grabs the ball, then the mist, and throws it at the socket the Superior Retainer called out (square, circle, triangle)
  6. Stand on platforms to activate lift
  7. Superior Retainer grabs the ball, and the mist, enters the lift, and throws it at the highlighted ship
  8. Repeat the above steps until all ships are cleared.

Second part was definitely the hardest and had us wiping what seemed like 20 some odd times. Really was pretty intense trying to handle all the needed elements at the exact right way for each phase of this last encounter. It got to the point in which we had members leave for sleep and we spent a considerably training up the new players. Here’s the run down on how this goes, again explained by Chandler:

  1. Approach the Calus robot
  2. Clear enemies
  3. Pass around the ball to remove the Engulfed debuff, last person throws the  ball at Val Ca’our
  4. Kill Gladiators
  5. Stand on platforms to activate lift
  6. Superior Retainer goes into space and calls out the two symbols they see
  7. Players stand on buttons to open doors while two players get the balls, the mist, and then throw the balls at the correct sockets
  8. Players stand on the platforms to activate the lift
  9. Two Superior Retainers grab the balls, the mist, go up the lift, and throw the balls at the highlighted ships
  10. Grab the ball, and then the mist, and hold onto it, grab the second ball, the mist, and hold onto it, grab the final ball, then the mist, and all players collect the Greed mist and then throw all three balls at the Calus robot
  11. Damage Val Ca’our
  12. Repeat these steps three times, and then grab all six balls and throw them at Val Ca’our to defeat him.

Thankfully we preserved even with our patience running thin, 6ish hours later!

First go getting through SoS!