Sweet blog posts for Shutter Dragon Photos!

Landscape processing in Lightroom

Taking the photo can be seen as initial first step leading on a journey to refine the captured image to the final state showcasing what caused you to snap the pic in the first place.

Brunt Mountain, WA

A beautifully quite trail leading to awesome views of the Cascades. 

Steamboat Rock Washington

Enjoying the warmer temps and checking out Ancient Lakes WA

I had first heard of the Ancient Lakes, WA from the Washington Trails Association page a year or so ago and knew it was a hike listed relatively close to the Tri-Cities.  Finally had enough free time to go check it out this past weekend.  After a couple hours on the road I had arrived …

Photo walk by Clover Island Kennewick WA

One of the benefits I’m getting to enjoy while on a night rotation is being up on through the early morning hours. Not to say that I like working at nights, actually look forward to moving back to a more daytime friendly shift coming up later in June.

Checking in on Shutter Dragon Photos

Was wanting to check and see how to best showcase photos from my other site Shutter Dragon Photos and what better way than just posting some of those pics in this post?