New pup Kamaz Bronya

A fluffy addition for the family

This Central Asian Shepherd puppy is only at 30 pounds but quickly growing. By summer she should be old enough to start tagging along with us on our hikes in the mountains along side Audi. For now she’s content hanging around the house and enjoying the company of not only the children but also the other dogs Audi and Polaris.

A little trivia on why that name for her- while this breed is not specific to just Russia they were the country that made the most use of them. Since I have a tendency to naming any of my pups after automobiles it was only fitting to find one that best described her.

Kamaz (ca-Mezz) is a Russian brand truck manufacturer which specializes in large cab trucks such as semi trucks or construction vehicles.

Bronya was her previous name given to her from her breeder. Much like all my other dogs I like to keep their original names and just move them to become middle names as respect to what they were and their past.