Messing with Gutenberg

Just added the plugin for the editor and have been having a pretty good time with it so far.  Really liking how easy its making it for me to customize the various parts of the post without having to hunt down the odd menu settings. 

Short Observations

  • Instead of one blank canvas in order to create a post from it’s now broken into blocks
  • Embedding is hit or miss, I was only able to embed google maps and a smugmug slideshow using a classic block.
  • Creates a useful navigation menu as other useful stats for the post. 
  • Adds a useful ability to add additional CSS classes to just about all of the blocks for further custom tweaking.  Might be able to get that to play nicely with some bootstrap classes.

Want to know more?

More info on the Gutenberg plugin can be found on the wordpress plugin page here:


As well as reading more on it from the developers page here:

Introducing a new way to WordPress

There’s also a demo page that you can mess around with here:

One more thing worth noting is the video walkthrough put together going over it: