Dynamically Start Tesla Climate from Home Screen

While Tesla’s app will allow a good range of options in managing the vehicle there isn’t really much going on for one touch widgets to start up stuff like the climate. Instead you have to click through the app which takes some time for the car to wake up and register before you can start up things like the climate. I’ve found a nifty way to help fix that with a the help from Tasker.

I have all this set up and running from my Pixel 3a, meaning this will be geared to Android apps and setup. Some items you are going to need:

  • Tasker – Been using the premium for years in other tasks I’ve automated so I’m not sure on how much is available for the free version.
  • Tasker Plugin for Tesla – $0.99 This is what will interface with Tesla’s API and interact with you vehicle.
  • Vehicle State Feature for Tasker Plugin for Tesla – $0.99 This is a add on feature within the above app that will unlock the needed features needed for this automation.
  • The Tasker file :

While I could go through the step by step guide in getting all this configured and setup, thankfully Tasker allows me to just export tasks which in turn I can share as needed. That being said those interested in getting this setup for their own use will need to go on and sign into their Tesla account for the tasks to work. Here’s how to import the task and get it working:

  • Download the xml file ending in a “.tsk” to some known folder you can get to. The default “Downloads” folder should work fine.
  • After opening the Tasker app select the “Tasks” section
  • Long press on the Tasks which will open the sub menu to import a xml task.
  • Navigate to where ever you downloaded the .tsk file
  • Now you should have a new task available called “Tesla Climate”, when you click on it you’ll see that some of the actions is for “Torquie Tina”, those are the actions you will have to edit.
  • Here is the same workflow you will have to follow to get it working for your Tesla:
    1. Click on the first “Tasker Plugin for Tesla” action
    2. Click on the configuration edit symbol
    3. The Tasker Plugin for Tesla will open asking you to authenticate, log into it with your credentials
  • After logging into it select your vehicle
  • Under action select “Get Climate State”
  • Click on the check symbol on the upper right side of the screen.

All the other tasks should now be configured for your vehicle, just go through and ensure they are all now set to your vehicle’s name and credentials. The actions should already be set in the correct state. All that left is to set a home screen button which is a pretty simple process:

  • Go to widgets
  • Look for Tasker
  • Select the Task Shortcut
  • Select the Tesla Climate tasks

That’s all there is to it, press the task icon and boom automatic climate start for your Tesla.