The Epyc Server Build Part 1

Creating a blurred lockscreen on Ubuntu

Making use of Conky

Dynamically Start Tesla Climate from Home Screen

While Tesla’s app will allow a good range of options in managing the vehicle there isn’t really much going on for one touch widgets to start up stuff like the climate. Instead you have to click through the app which takes some time for the car to wake up and register before you can start …

Testing from the mobile app

Last year there was issues getting the mobile app to work with self hosted apps, looks like those issues got resolved! 💯

Subwoofer + rear speakers for my Tesla

Adding some oomph to the Tesla Model 3.

Where is the “Additional CSS” stored?

Some sweet 8266 <3 (Part 2)

Been a little while since I’ve had the chance to update the IoT tinkering.  In this update I went through and got Home Assistant up and running on Ubuntu 18.04 as well as configured it to use MQTT to receive sensor readouts.

Some sweet 8266 <3 (Part 1)

Messing with Gutenberg

Just added the plugin for the editor and have been having a pretty good time with it so far.  Really liking how easy its making it for me to customize the various parts of the post without having to hunt down the odd menu settings.