Brunt Mountain, WA

A beautifully quite trail leading to awesome views of the Cascades. 

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

Got everything packed for a overnight trip to check out a nice location not too far from the Tri-Cities area of Washington.  Hardest part of the road trip itself was making it up the gravel/dirt trail road that goes about four to five miles up ending at the Ironside Mountain trail head. 

Mount Rainier mocking from afar… 

From there it was about two miles of hiking through goat trails that leads through sometimes snowed over or muddy trail passages all the way up to Brunt Mountain summit.

Brunt Mt Summit View
Summit of Brunt Mountain

We had made a base camp about half a mile from the summit and was able to enjoy the views without to much trouble from the bugs or wildlife other than the occasional chipmunk getting chased away by Audi. 

The morning view
Morning view

After a chilly clear night we packed up under a some what overcast morning and made it back to the trail head not to long after 8.  Overall it was a great trip with very little other hikers or campers on the first summer break weekend.  The great views and quite forests was a great change of scenery of the boring dirt hills that make up the Yucca Valley region where Tri-Cities is situated in, I’ll likely find other trails and mountain peaks to check out throughout the summer and autumn months.

Rare footage from the trip…

Took all of the recordings from the Yi action cam and managed to condense it down to about eight minutes of viewing enjoyment.  Simple straight to the subject matter; none of the fancy slo-mo, slick transitions, or music overlays that I might be saving for later.

Since I knew we wouldn’t be able to bring up the 3-4 gallons of water needed during the trip we had to make use of the nearest source of water, in this case is was the somewhat dirty snow near our camp.  Here’s the first part of getting it into a drinkable form, sadly I forgot to record the 10 minutes of me squeezing that water through a filter to fill up the two 1-quart bottles we had brought up.

In case you were wanting to see the photos used in this post–

There’s also a few more photos not saved here that are on the Shutter Dragon’s site.