Big Move Pt. 4

43 days since the bulk of the house was packed away and we’ve been living a really lean approach in both the house and over at Airbnb.

Had some lessons picked up since then:

  • Don’t pack everything away until there is a seller.
  • Buying is a LOT easier than selling. Either we chose the wrong time of year or this is a just a sign of a recession. Whatever the case it sucks when you go to price the home just where is should be only to have to continually lower the price to spark some interest.
  • If at all possible try to rent while waiting to sell. Finding a rental that also takes pets was a no go which lead of the Airbnb path. Not to say it was the worst option, but there is the additional money being spent that’s typically higher than just renting another place and paying a mortgage. It works but at the cost of limited to no ability to save money on food since there wasn’t any means of cooking other than a microwave. Renting would of also allowed us to store our belongings and save some on the storage units.

Those are the major callouts in our ongoing ordeal trying to sell and buy a house. While we are still trying to sell there was a interesting turn of events that the sellers of the house we have put earnest pay towards will be leasing the place to us while we continue to sell the other place. At this time we have spent way more trying to sell than we have in buying. This left us was just enough to safely move one storage unit plus whatever was left in the house but we’ll have to wait till the next month to move the stuff from the other unit. Once we have it all on site in the new place we’ll be saving something like $300 that was going towards just storage fees.

Speaking of saving on fees there’s a few areas that needs to be double up on at both locations while we continue to sell:

  • Electric
  • Natural Gas
  • Water

Not mentioned is the 4 hours of driving in a moving truck to look forward to 🙁

Expecting that the other house will have a way less bill for each category for obvious reasons.

That’s pretty much were we are now. There is a still a big push to sell, at least now we have a place to keep all the dogs with all of the other house goods during this roller coaster of house selling.